Trust Litigation Lawyer Phoenix AZ Trust Litigation Lawyer Phoenix AZ

When your loved one creates a trust, a trust litigation lawyer in Phoenix, AZ at Kamper & Estrada, PLLC knows how this can make the process of receiving assets after they die much simpler. Typically, you will not have to worry about the probate process, and you and other beneficiaries of the trust can know exactly what the trustor wanted each person to have. However, things are not always so simple, and there are occasions when a conflict may arise concerning a trust, making beneficiaries question who has the rights to certain assets, and even questioning if the trustor was of sound mind while they created the trust.

If you have concerns regarding a trust or a dispute has developed, you should speak with an AZ trust litigation lawyer in Phoenix as soon as possible. We want to help you get through this quickly so that you can move on and finish your grieving process.

What is trust litigation?

When beneficiaries learn about what they get (or do not get) from a trust, emotions are typically running high and they may be upset to hear the results. In some cases, there may be legitimate reasons for concerns involving a trust. When this is the case, it can help to get insight from a Phoenix trust litigation lawyer. Trust litigation is a back-and-forth legal argument that usually involves certain entitlement to aspects of a trust. When this happens, you do not want to argue on your own behalf. Instead, a member of our legal team who has worked with trusts in the past, can help iron out the legal questions you might have and represent you during trust litigation. 

Why might you need a trust litigation attorney?

As noted above, there are many reasons that someone may have concerns regarding a trust, such as if the trustor was not of sound mind or the trust is too ambiguous. Here we have explained each of these concerns in further detail:  

The Trustor was Not of Sound Mind

If you have reason to believe the trustor was not of sound mind when they created the trust, you may have a solid reason to dispute the trust. For example, if the trustor suffered from Alzheimer’s disease or was otherwise not mentally fit to create a trust and they gave their assets away to individuals that are suspect, this is a good reason to speak with our team of living trust lawyers in Phoenix, AZ. Further, if the trustor was elderly and you believe that someone in a position of power or authority coerced them into giving away certain assets, you should speak with our firm immediately. 

The Trust is Too Ambiguous

It is possible that certain aspects of a trust are simply too vague. When this happens, multiple parties can be confused about who gets what assets. This can lead to heated arguments. When this is the case, hiring a trust litigation lawyer from Arizona can help resolve these disputes and determine what the heart of the trust was getting at.

For more information on how a Phoenix, AZ trust litigation lawyer at Kamper & Estrada, PLLC can help you, please call promptly to book a free consultation.