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Serious injuries can happen in even a minor truck accident. In the aftermath, there is a rush of dealing with police, other drivers, and medical providers responsible for your treatment. At first, it may be hard to comprehend what actually occurred. In time, you could find that thoughts of the crash come up when you least expect them, such as at work or when you are trying to sleep. You may also find yourself relieving the sensation of impact or obsessing over the threat that another crash will occur. Each truck collision lawyer Phoenix, AZ clients recommend from Kamper & Estrada, PLLC frequently sees these types of trauma symptoms in clients we represent. It is important to be aware of the emotional impacts collisions can have on you and the types of compensation you may be entitled to as a result.

Truck Accidents and Post Traumatic Stress

As truck accidents are unexpected, violent events, it is natural to feel somewhat in shock afterward. Particularly if you or your passengers suffer injuries as a result, it is understandable for it to take some time to recover emotionally. However, there are an unfortunate number of cases where the shock, sadness, and anxiety you feel over a crash only seems to intensify with time.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, post-traumatic stress is something that many truck accident victims end up suffering from. It involves intrusive thoughts, emotional disturbances, and the feeling that you are reliving the accident over and over. Common symptoms include:

  •                 A fear of driving or getting into vehicles
  •                 Generalized anxiety or panic attacks
  •                 Nightmares about the accident or thoughts that make it impossible to fall asleep
  •                 An increasing sense of isolation and avoiding normal activities
  •                 Headaches, stomach pains, and other physical symptoms

If you suffer the symptoms of post-traumatic stress after a truck accident, it is important to let your medical providers know. Talking about it with friends and family or a licensed therapist can also help you.

Compensation for Truck Accident Trauma

Post-traumatic stress is a serious condition that can impact your general health and your day to day activities. When seeking compensation in a truck accident claim, it is important to make your truck accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ victims trust aware of what you are suffering, as it could entitle you to additional amounts of compensation in your claim. Under Arizona injury law, there are two types of damages you may be eligible for:

  •                 Economic damages: These include the lost wages and medical expenses you suffer as a result of emotional trauma.
  •                 Non-economic damages: These cover the pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment in life you experience as a result. 

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