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No matter how modest your estate may seem to you, you do need a formal estate plan in place, including a will and advance healthcare directive. These documents will help to ensure that your interests are protected in the event that you suffer a major injury or illness and will help to ensure that your family is taken care of after you pass away. 

When writing your will or creating your overall estate plan, it is a wise idea to work with an experienced law firm like Kamper & Estrada, PLLC. If you are more comfortable speaking Spanish, it’s important to consult with a Spanish speaking wills lawyer Phoenix, AZ residents trust. The process of writing your will should be as comfortable and straightforward as possible. Our team is proud to represent both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking clients, so please don’t hesitate to connect with our Phoenix, AZ Spanish speaking wills lawyer team today. 

What Should Be in Your Will?

The well-known purpose of a will is to name the people or organizations to whom your assets should be given when you pass away. This document can and should be very specific to avoid any disputes between your intended heirs.

You should also use your will to designate a personal representative (known elsewhere as an executor) whose job it is to ensure that your will is carried out according to the written terms.

Finally, a will can also help you care for your minor children. First, you can designate a trusted person to be the guardian of your children until they reach adulthood. You can also designate someone (or the same person) to manage any property you’ve left to your children until they can properly inherit it.

Requirements for a Will in Arizona

In order for a will to be considered valid in Arizona, it must meet several requirements. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to work with a Phoenix, AZ Spanish speaking wills lawyer who can ensure that your will is properly executed and ultimately enforceable. Some of the will requirements you’ll want to consider include:

  •         That the person writing the will (called the testator) is at least 18 years old and “of sound mind”
  •         That it is signed by two witnesses who saw the testator sign the will and signed within a reasonable amount of time after witnessing the original signature (the sooner, the better)
  •         That the will is written down (oral wills are not recognized in Arizona or most other states)

Wills Can Be Handwritten

Arizona is one of a small number of states to recognize the validity of handwritten wills (formally known as holographic wills). If handwritten, it does not need to be witnessed by two other people, but both the material provisions of the will and the signature must match the handwriting of the testator. Sections of the will containing handwriting that doesn’t match may be discounted.

Although you can handwrite a will, it is not a wise idea to do so. It will be subjected to much more scrutiny than a typed will and could be thrown out altogether if it is deemed illegitimate. Legal documents of any kind should be as clear and thorough as possible, leaving no question about their validity or authenticity. Moreover, a will is the one document you certainly will not be around to explain when it is being considered by the court. Therefore, it is critical to make it clear and legally sound from the start. Our firm can help you to achieve that important goal.

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