Real Property Lawyer Phoenix, AZ

real property lawyer Phoenix, AZAt Kamper & Estrada, PLLC, our real property lawyer Phoenix, AZ trusts know that purchasing and selling land and property can be difficult without the help of an attorney. Many people do not stop to think about how important their home or other real property is. However, these will typically be a person’s most important and most expensive assets. Any time a person owns property or a building, they are putting themselves at risk in terms of the law. They may have a legal battle with a neighbor about property lines or they may be selling property that has unforeseen problems. If you are concerned about fighting a real property legal battle on your own, contact our attorney for more information. We would like to help.

What is real property law? 

Real property law, or real estate law, is the law that refers to a person’s ability to buy, sell, and own land and the property that is on that land. We believe that when a problem arises or even before a problem arises (and you are purchasing or selling property) it is a smart decision to have an attorney on your side. Especially if you are going through the estate planning process and are discussing the real estate property you own, you will want to work with an estate planning lawyer Phoenix, AZ relies on. 

What kinds of issues can come up with real estate? 

Unfortunately, buying and selling real estate is not always a positive experience. Especially when you are working with other parties, any number of problems can arise and this can be particularly difficult if you do not have an attorney present. In some instances, one of the parties may have a problem come up with the property or may not have disclosed issues with a property when selling it. Real estate can come with many unique problems and having an attorney there can help make the process easier and provide you with insight into what is going on in difficult situations. 

Are commercial transactions different than residential? 

If you are buying or selling commercial property, this can complicate the process even more. We highly recommend working with an attorney during this process because there is typically more money on the line and you are likely more liable for problems that arise. 

To learn more about how we can help, contact Kamper & Estrada PLLC, a real property lawyer today.