Phoenix, AZ Probate Law Expert

Phoenix, AZ Probate Law ExpertOur Phoenix, AZ probate law expert knows that when you are going through estate planning or when a loved one has passed away, you may suddenly hear the word “probate” and not really know what it is. Estate planning can be a confusing process when you do not have an attorney on your side and you may be losing out on smart estate planning decisions if you choose to go through this process alone. If you are interested in seeing how our probate lawyer can help you with the process, give our office a call. We believe in making things more simple for our clients so that you are not left dealing with estate planning details on your own. 

What is the probate process in Arizona? 

Similar to other states, when an estate goes through the probate process, it means that the deceased person’s assets are going through the legal process of passing on to the designated people as noted in the will. The people who will receive these assets are known as beneficiaries. During the probate process, a probate court ensures that everything is done correctly and that assets and property go where they were intended according to the deceased’s will. 

What kinds of steps are involved in this? 

Our probate attorney Phoenix, AZ relies on knows that the probate process can sometimes take a long time but that it is an important process to follow. The executor of the estate (someone the decedent named) will begin the probate process by filing paperwork with the probate court. Once all of the paperwork has been approved, the executor begins looking at bills, debts, assets, and property to determine what still needs to be tied up in the estate and what needs to be moved around. During this probate process, the information will be made public for anyone to see. 

Can the probate process be quick? 

This will depend on a number of factors. It may only take a few months for the probate process to be completed, especially if no one is contesting it and the executor does their job well. Especially if the executor is working with a probate attorney, the process will likely not be as drawn-out. 

If you are going through the estate planning process, would like to contest a will, or are the executor of an estate, it can be extremely beneficial to you to work with an attorney. Want to speak with a member of our team? Call a trusted probate law expert in Phoenix, Arizona from Kamper & Estrada, PLLC today.