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Parent Guardianship Lawyer Answers FAQsWhether you’ve been appointed to serve as legal guardian for someone’s child or are seeking to obtain guardianship, having a parent guardianship lawyer advise you is one of the best ways to ensure you understand the steps in the process. More importantly, it can help you come to terms with the responsibilities associated with legal guardianship. Being a legal guardian means playing a major role in a child’s growth and development and it is crucial that you know how it will affect the child in question.

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A Guardian’s Responsibilities: FAQs

Does being a legal guardian mean being financially responsible for the child?
This depends on the unique situation of the child’s biological family. If the child’s biological parents are still alive and have certain rights – for example, visitation rights or physical custody – then they are the ones with financial responsibility. However, if they have passed away or all of their rights over their child have been terminated then, as legal guardian, you have financial responsibility.

If this is going to prove difficult for you, speaking with a parent guardianship lawyer can help you sort out your options. It’s possible, for example, to seek financial assistance by asking the court to help through setting up a support schedule.

If I am about to become a legal guardian, what should I keep in mind?
Your lawyer will ensure that you consider how challenging legal guardianship can be; you will want to be prepared, essentially, to take on all the responsibilities a parent would. When thinking about agreeing to be a child’s guardian, you should keep in mind that you will:

  • Be expected to accept liability for the child’s actions;
  • Have to manage the child’s finances and present records of them to the court;
  • Need to go through certain court proceedings in order to be permitted to deal with the child’s finances;
  • Be expected to have a healthy relationship with the child; and
  • Essentially act as the child’s legal parent for the entire length of the guardianship.

When thinking about these responsibilities, you should ask yourself a few questions about your existing or past relationship with the child and his or her parents, as well as with your own family. What, for example, is the nature of your relationship with the child’s parents? What about with your own family; how accepting of your role as guardian will they be and how will it affect them? Do you have the time, energy, and financial standing to serve as legal guardian?

Having a Phoenix, AZ parent guardianship lawyer help you answer these questions and work through the process of obtaining guardianship can be an enormous weight off of your shoulders. Be sure to look into hiring the right lawyer before you become a child’s legal guardian; doing so can help you ensure you’re truly looking out for the child’s best interests.

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