Making a Personal Injury Claim For Whiplash

Central Phoenix, Arizona Car Accident Lawyer

One of the most common injuries you can sustain after a car accident or other type of automobile accident is whiplash. Whiplash is a term often used to describe an injury that results from your neck moving in a quick back-and-forth motion. While it may seem like a less serious injury because it is one of the most common injuries you can sustain, whiplash can be incredibly painful and disrupt your day-to-day life. When this happens after a car accident, one of the best things you can do is file a claim or a lawsuit to ensure you get compensation for your injury. For more information on whiplash and what steps to take after you have been in a car accident that results in whiplash, read below.

What Steps Should I Take After My Accident?

If you were recently involved in a car accident that caused your whiplash, there are three main steps you should take when filing your claim. These are:

  1.     Seek Immediate Medical Attention.
  2.     File Your Claim As Quickly As Possible.
  3.     Document All of Your Expenses.

Let’s look at these steps a little more in depth.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Seeking medical treatment after getting whiplash helps with two things. It helps to treat your pain and discomfort as soon as possible to ensure you can heal quickly and it can help your claim when proving that you had whiplash and needed medical treatment for it. In fact, in most cases, the signs of whiplash or back strain may not even show up for hours or days after the accident. When you see a doctor after your accident, they will know which signs to look for and may even order additional testing like MRIs or X-Rays. Even if you feel okay at the accident and are unsure of what your injuries are, it is best not to make any type of claims.

File Your Claim As Quickly As Possible

After your doctor has medically diagnosed you with whiplash, you should never delay when filing your claim. If you live in a state that allows you to file a personal injury suit after you were in a car accident, you are typically required to notify the other driver’s insurance company that you will be making a claim. The sooner you notify insurance companies and get your process started, the sooner they can work on reimbursing you after the accident.

Document All Of Your Expenses

When you make a claim with insurance, you will need to document any expenses that relate to your accident, including automobile damages, therapy, and medical bills. Some of these damages could be prescription costs, lost wages, and car repair. Having documents and receipts stating how much the costs are and what they are for can be incredibly helpful in getting your claim processed quicker.

What Else Can I do?

You do not have to file a claim or a lawsuit on your own after you have gotten whiplash from a car accident. Having a Central Phoenix, Arizona car accident lawyer from Kamper Estrada, LLP on your side who can go over the legal process with you and ensure your claim is in on time can be crucial to your case.