Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix, AZ

Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix, AZIt’s one of the most common questions following an auto accident that a car accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ trusts will ask: were there any witnesses? That’s because a bystander’s story can carry so much weight. Their reflections on what happened can aide you in being found innocent or uphold your guilt.

Don’t let witness accounts from a complete stranger ruin your driving record and your life. The attorneys of Kamper & Estrada, PLLC know how to leverage witness testimony to build the strongest defense for your case.

Why Accident Witness Accounts Matter

A witness statement is only as good as their credibility, as a car accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ can explain. And their credibility depends on a number of factors.

  • What was the witness doing at the time of the crash?
    • Was he or she a distracted driver? If they were too close to the crash at the time, they were probably focused on avoiding it.
    • Someone who watched the accident unfold from a safe but visible distance is ideal. In this case, a driver across the intersection or a pedestrian on the other side of the street can often lend a credible account.
  • What is your relationship to the witness?
    • A neutral, third party is one of the best defenses, as a Phoenix car accident lawyer might say. Someone who has no stake in the outcome of your case can offer reliable and sincere testimony.
    • Friends and family members inside the vehicle at the time of the crash can be seen as biased and focused on protecting you.
  • What is the health of the witness?
    • A Phoenix car accident lawyer will tell you, not all witnesses are created equal. Testimony from someone with a history of unreliable vision and mental health issues may be put into question.
    • Other factors from the witness’s personal history may also be scrutinized. For example, someone who has done jail time may not be seen as credible.

Other Types of Witnesses

A lot of focus can be put on witnesses to the actual crash. However, other types of witnesses can also be beneficial to your case.

Witnesses to your injuries can help insurance companies understand the severity of the impact on your life. These can be co-workers, friends, and family members. Anyone whom you interact with on a day-to-day basis who can verify how the injuries have obstructed your life.

If the insurance companies continue to dispute your claims, you may need to seek assistance from an expert witness. These are often doctors, engineers, or physical and occupational therapists who may deal with auto accident victims like you every day. They can offer insight from re-creating the crash scene to describing in detail the symptoms and long-lasting effects of your injuries.

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The attorneys of Kamper & Estrada, PLLC understand how to talk to witnesses and how to compel them to share testimony that will benefit your case. We have been a part of the Phoenix community for many years. We know the expert witnesses who transform auto accident cases.

Don’t gamble on witness testimony that may ruin your case. Call a car accident lawyer Phoenix, AZ residents turn to, today to begin finding the witnesses you can count on.