Estate Planning Law Firm Phoenix, AZ

How Do I Find An Estate Planning Lawyer?

Estate Planning Law Firm Phoenix, AZThere is no shortage of lawyers in the United States, but how can you be sure the one you hire to create your estate plan has the necessary experience? An estate planning lawyer Phoenix, AZ trusts is a lawyer who has the education and experience to advise clients on preparing their affairs for incapacity and death. More often that not, you can find such a lawyer at a law firm that specializes in estate planning.

Estate planning itself is the process of managing a person’s estate during their life in preparation for death, and eventually after death.  Since estate planning is not on the minds of most people day to day, it is best to hire a lawyer who specializes in estate planning.


Only an experienced estate planning lawyer will be able to assess your personal situation and recommend the best structure of estate planning for you. Such a lawyer will also be familiar with the laws in your state and create an estate plan that is sure to be valid. Standardize templates from a website cannot do that for you.

So now you might be wondering, “how do I find an estate planning lawyer?” Luckily, there are many great resources available to help people find and hire the right estate planning lawyer. Follow the steps below to ensure you hire the law firm and lawyer that is right for your case:

  1. Do Your Research: In the internet age, you no longer have to rely on the phone book, radio jingles, or cheesy billboards to find a top estate planning law firm Phoenix, AZ has to offer. Take advantage of websites like Yelp, Google, Martindale Hubbell, and many more to learn about the law firms practicing in your area. Read reviews from past clients and see how their peers rate them. Word of mouth is still the best kind of referral, even if it now comes in the form of an online review. Make sure to also visit the firm’s website.
  2. Request an Initial Consultation: Often, an estate planning law firm Phoenix, AZ can depend on will offer a free initial consultation. This means you are able to meet with the lawyer, at no cost to you, and discuss your case. You are under no obligation to hire that particular lawyer. In fact, many people will “shop around”, booking initial consultations with a few lawyers before deciding who to hire.
  1. Ask Questions About Experience: During the initial consultation, ask questions about the law firm, such as:
  • How long as they law firm been around?
  • Do they have other offices?
  • How many lawyers do they employ?
  • How big is their non-attorney staff?
  • What areas of law do they practice?
  • Do they have a dedicated estate planning lawyer?

Also be sure to ask questions about the lawyer’s background, including:

  • How long have they been practicing?
  • What law school did they attend?
  • Do they also practice other areas of law? How much of their time is devoted to estate planning cases?
  • How frequently do they handle cases like yours?
  1. Ask Questions About Your Case: An estate planning law firm Phoenix, AZ believes in will have their lawyers take the time to learn about you during the initial consultation. The estate planning lawyer will ask you questions about your family, occupation, financial situation, and health status. But it is just as important that you ask questions as well. Remember to ask the lawyer:
    • What is their assessment of your estate?
    • What exact documents needed for you to accomplish your desires with your estate plan?
    • Will the law firm also handle asset management?
    • Approximately how long will it take to create the estate plan?
    • Who will retain the original documents?
    • What happens after you sign the estate plan? Are there other action items to take care of?
    • What happens when you need to update your estate plan?
  1. Ask Questions About Case Management and Fees: It is important to know upfront how your case will be handled and what sort of fees are involved. Pertinent questions include:
    • Who are the people(s) that will handle my case? The lawyer you are meeting with, or another lawyer?
    • Who will be the day-to-day contact? The lawyer? A paralegal? Is it best to call, or send an email? Are drop-ins allowed at the office?
    • How will progress reports be provided?
    • How does the law firm bill? At a flat rate? Hourly rate?
    • Are there non-lawyer fees involved? Like recording or filing fees?
    • What are the future costs for maintaining the estate plan?

In the end, an estate planning law firm Phoenix, AZ counts on- and that you can, too- is a law firm that employs lawyers who are competent, experienced, instill confidence, and make you feel comfortable. Choose a law firm that meets these criteria, and chances are you’ve chosen the right estate planning law firm for you and your family.

You work hard for your money and for your family, creating an estate plan allows you to make sure both are properly cared for after your death. If you’ve been looking for an estate planning law firm Phoenix, AZ is proud to have helping their community, contact Kamper & Estrada, PLLC today for a free initial consultation with our experienced estate planning attorney.