Estate and Trust Lawyer In Phoenix ArizonaEstate and Trust Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Disputes between family members over inheritance are common, and an estate and trust lawyer in Phoenix, AZ has seen all the ways that such conflicts can arise. To help prevent these emotional disagreements from happening, we strongly advise grantors of an estate to meet with us for estate planning counseling. We can help you as you complete the necessary documents, review terms for clarity, and much more.

An estate planning lawyer Phoenix, AZ residents trusts understands that as the grantor of your estate, the last thing you probably want for your family is to fight in the midst of their grief after you have passed on. While thinking about a time when you are no longer here can be unsettling, it is crucial to plan ahead so your legacy can be left behind in the way you desire. 

The most frequent inheritance disputes that a Phoenix, AZ estate and trust lawyer has seen in the past include: 

Perceived Inequity

Even if key family members are all included in a bequest, this doesn’t mean they will feel that what they received is equal or fair. Some may perceive that they got the short end of the stick and judge the decedent’s intentions as malicious or inconsiderate. For example, perhaps three children were given exactly a third of the decedent’s estate. But then, if one of those children had borrowed money from the parent during his or her lifetime and it wasn’t subtracted from their share, the other siblings may feel that the end result wasn’t fair. 

Failure of Intentionality

After a decedent passes away, the beneficiaries may gather in a lawyer’s office for the will or trust to be read aloud. One or more of the beneficiaries may protest that what was written is not what the decedent had intended or originally promised. In some cases, a key family member was even left out of the bequest entirely by accident. Such an oversight often results from not having an estate and trust lawyer in Phoenix help with these estate documents.

Planning your estate can be confusing and so complex, that it is easy to unintentionally leave something out. Unless you consult with an AZ estate and trust lawyer, these mistakes are more likely to occur. 

Wrongful Acts or Influence

A beneficiary may have suspicions that the decedent had been mistreated by another party during their lifetime or towards the end of their life. For instance, an elderly loved one who lives in a nursing home may be taken advantage of by a staff member into adding his or her name in the bequest. This can especially happen in situations where the loved one was not in his or her normal state of mind prior to passing away. 

We understand just how important your legacy is to you, and that you likely want to ensure those you love feel that their share is fair. Creators of a bequest who want to help decrease the chances of inheritance disputes down the line, can meet with a Phoenix estate and trust lawyer in Arizona from Kamper & Estrada, PLLC at their earliest convenience for advice.