Our big rig crash lawyer Central Phoenix, AZ relies on understands that when you are involved in an accident as serious as a big rig truck accident, your injuries may be more than whiplash. Instead, you may be suffering from lacerations, broken bones, penetration wounds, or worse. Following the accident, you may be in a great deal of pain. You could be looking at a recovery process that takes months or years, or you may be coming to the realization that you will likely not fully recover. When this is the case, do not think you should have to sit back and pay your own medical bills. Instead, when someone else is responsible for an accident like this, you should work with our team to make sure the liable party is held responsible. Call Kamper & Estrada, PLLC now.

Should you speak with insurance? 

Following an accident, one of the top questions we get is whether someone should speak with insurance or not. We believe that this depends. For example, when the accident has caused your car to become seriously damaged or totaled (a scenario that is not unlikely after a big rig accident), then you should call your insurance to notify them of the accident and the damage. Your insurance company may come back to you with a settlement offer but we do not recommend accepting this without speaking with your attorney. 

On the other hand, our Central Phoenix, AZ truck accident lawyer knows that the truck driver’s insurance company will likely be calling you as well. They may wish to get a statement, tell you they sympathize with the situation, and even offer you a settlement. In some cases, you may hear the settlement number and think you have won the lottery. However, imagine why they want to settle. It is likely because they know the accident was serious and they don’t want you fighting them for the compensation you truly deserve. Instead of speaking directly with skilled insurance agents who have expert negotiating skills, leave that up to us. 

Who can help me with my claim? 

When you want to file an injury claim after a big rig accident, look no further. You likely have many injuries you are recovering from and you may even have property damage. If you would like to learn more about how a Central Phoenix, Arizona big rig crash lawyer can help you, reach out to Kamper & Estrada, PLLC.