Arizona Chapter 7 Bankruptcy LawyerArizona Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

When most people think about bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is the form of bankruptcy they have in mind. What many people do not know is that an experienced Arizona Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers protect most if not all of your property and assets through proper planning. This is why it is so very important to contact us before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In essence, we can help you get a “fresh start” without losing everything you own through a lifetime of hard work.

An Arizona Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer will tell you that in Arizona, there are a number of exemptions that we can help you take advantage of, even if you have already filed Chapter 7. These include, but are not limited to:

    • $150,000 of your home’s equity


    • $6,000 in your automobile’s equity ($12,000 for disabled persons)


    • 75 percent of your wages due as of the date of filing


    • $20,000 in life insurance benefits


    • $12,000 in disability benefits


    • Your IRA and 401(k)


    • $6,000 in household furniture and appliances not covered by other exemptions


    • $500 in clothing


    • $400 in musical instruments


    • $2,000 in engagement and wedding rings


    • $250 in books


  • $150 in a watch

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona. Eligibility is based on a variety of factors, including income and expenses.

It is important to note that certain forms of debt are considered non-dischargeable, including alimony and child support, recently incurred income taxes, student loans, legal judgments from committing a crime or drunk driving, and purchases of what are considered luxury items shortly before the filing of bankruptcy.

Our Arizona Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can quickly determine if filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you and whether you are eligible for Chapter 7. We will guide you through the entire process efficiently and with an understanding of what you are going through during this difficult time. Contact Kamper & Estrada, PLLC today for a consultation.