Timothy Kamper, Elizabeth Kamper, Giancarlo EstradaAbout Kamper Estrada Law Firm

There is no shortage of injury attorneys in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona. How do you know which firm to choose to help you recover from your injuries and receive all the money you deserve? For starters, the attorneys at Kamper & Estrada, PLLC, have a combined 45-plus years of experience in injury law. Now, consider the following:

We are a multi-generational law firm, with roots planted firmly in Arizona soil.

Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers have been helping injury victims in Arizona for generations, and will continue to do so. We understand what your family is going through during this difficult time and are here to help today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Attorney Timothy J. Kamper is State Bar Certified, meaning he is an injury specialist.

The State Bar of Arizona prohibits attorneys from claiming to be a specialist if they have not been formally certified and accredited by the Board of Legal Specialization in their respective field. Attorneys wishing to claim the status of a specialist in personal injury and wrongful death must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 5 years of legal practice experience
  • Admission to the State Bar of Arizona for 2 years prior to submission of the specialization application
  • Devotion of at least 50% of a full-time practice to the specialty area of personal injury and wrongful death
  • Pass a peer review and written examination
  • Within 4 of the 6 years preceding application, at least 1,000 hours per year must be devoted to personal injury and wrongful death matters

Phoenix personal injury attorney Timothy Kamper meets all of these requirements. He works with attorney Elizabeth Kamper on all our firm’s cases.

We are different, dedicated, and determined. 

  • While some firms may shuffle you around from person to person, at our firm you will always meet with an attorney to discuss your case—an attorney who will represent you from start to finish if you move forward
  • We are committed to getting the best possible result in your case. This means we won’t accept less than you deserve and we aren’t afraid to bring your case to court
  • We will handle every aspect of your case, allowing you to put all of your time and effort into recovery
  • We understand that the harm you suffer is not just physical and that the stress and pressure caused by an accident can be overwhelming. We can help with that

Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it. Click here to read what some of our past clients have to say. If our words haven’t swayed you, perhaps theirs will.