Is it whiplash or something more?

Car Accident Lawyer

You have just been a part of a terrible wreck. The feeling of adrenaline and fear rushes through your body and you are unable to feel the injury you may have until later in the day or even the next morning . A common injury from a car wreck is whiplash… or could it be more than just that? Whiplash does not only happen in a car wreck but from things such as falls, a sudden hard jerk from a roller coaster, or a massive hit to the face. Whiplash is a neck and back injury that occurs from a forceful movement making the area injured stiff and tender. 

Symptoms of whiplash- Diagnosing Yourself

Although this is a common self-diagnosable injury, it can be a very painful one. Pain from whiplash can circulate around your neck, back, shoulders and arms. Common symptoms from whiplash can be dizziness, muscle spasms, a needle-like feeling, and tender muscle area. 

Is It Something More?

Whiplash can definitely be the injury that was sustained during an accident but sometimes  the injury can be more than that. There are an indefinite amount of answers to whether or not it could be whiplash or something more serious.  Instead of taking advice from Dr. Google, go see a doctor within 72 hours of your car accident. Having a doctors visit within this time frame will ensure that your insurance can cover your claim.  Playing it safe by seeing a doctor is never the worst idea.

If you have a case.

The possibility of insurance companies covering the claim is high when the injuries are directly related to the incident in question. It is important to realize that whiplash can occur even in low speed impacts and one should not minimize their pain or injuries. 

How a lawyer can help.

Lawyers are determined to serve justice for personal injury accidents. Motor vehicle accidents occur a numerous amount of times on a daily basis. Making sure you are rightfully treated from your accident is important.  At a law firm, a car wreck lawyer in Arlington, TX can ensure that you are knowledgeable and well informed about the options at hand. A complimentary consultation will allow you to put the facts of the case in perspective and determine whether or not you have a case. 



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