football tackle leading to brain injury

Most Common Accidents Leading to Brain Injury

Accidents that result in a brain injury can be very traumatic. These injuries can range from a mild concussion all the way to causing a permanent disability and happen so quickly that you can’t see them coming. Unfortunately, brain injuries are very common and there are four common accidents that lead to brain injury.

1. Falls

Believe it or not, falling is the number one cause if brain injury in the U.S. Whether it be a trip or a long fall off of a platform, there are many ways that you can injure your brain in a fall. Falling accidents are especially common in children ages 0-14 and seniors 65 and older. Unfortunately, we can’t all wear helmets around all day, although it would probably decrease your chances in suffering a brain injury.

2. Traffic Accidents

Car accidents are the second most common in causing brain injuries, and reasonably so. Hundreds of car accidents happen every day, some very mild and some traumatic. Car accidents are the number one cause of permanent brain injuries and death due to brain injury. While these accidents are not always preventable, driving defensively and not getting behind the wheel while intoxicated lessen your chances of being involved in a bad car accident.

3. Being Hit by an Object

football tackle leading to brain injuryBeing struck by an object is the third leading cause of brain injury. Being struck in the face can also cause brain injury. These acts are usually intentional and the victim may or may not see it coming. Athletes are also prone to these types of injuries. While these injuries are usually only minor concussions, there have been deaths due to being struck in the head.

4. Assault

Assault is the fourth most common cause of brain injury in the U.S. This type of injury is caused by reputedly being stuck in the head in a fight or by an abuser, and can often times be very serious. The good news is that these injuries are not common in children and the elderly.