Truck Driver Awake for 28 Hours Before the Tracy Morgan Crash

Tracy_Morgan_6_Shankbone_2009_NYC The crash killed Morgan’s friend and fellow comedian, James McNair, while leaving Morgan himself with broken bones and a serious brain injury. Five others suffered minor injuries as well.

According to Newsweek, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently held a public hearing in Washington to announce the findings of a major federal investigation into the crash.

NTSB revealed that the at-fault truck driver had chosen to drive 12 hours to work before beginning a 14-hour trucking shift. That means not only was the driver awake for 28 hours but he also planned to spend at least 26 of those hours on the road.

Truck driver fatigue is believed to be the leading cause of major commercial trucking accidents in this country. As the Morgan story makes all too clear, the costs can be catastrophic.

As Phoenix truck accident lawyers, we want you to know that both federal and Arizona state law impose very strict regulations on commercial trucking companies and the drivers they employ. These drivers are not allowed to spend excessive hours on the road, work multiple back-to-back shifts, or operate a truck without adequate rest in between.

Unfortunately, many employers pressure their drivers to meet unreasonable schedule demands. The drivers push themselves to meet those demands, and tragic accidents happen as a result. That is unacceptable, and our firm is dedicated to bringing that trend to an end in Arizona.

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