Property Owners List the Five Most Common Slip and Fall Sites

A slip and fall can happen anywhere, and the injuries are often a lot more severe than the classic banana-peel gag might suggest. Frequently, lawsuits in these cases arise out of hotels, retail stores, and residential communities.

There’s a new article making its way around the condominium management industry and it reveals property owners’ own concern about their exposure to slip and fall liability.

Habitat Magazine is a trade publication for the owners and decision-makers responsible for co-ops, condominiums, and commercial facilities. They recently listed the five slip and fall sites / conditions that their readers should be most concerned about:

  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Slippery snow and ice accumulations
  • Wet floors
  • Dangerous floor coverings / indoor tripping hazards
  • Slippery pool areas

Indeed, these are all common problem areas for property owners who fail to maintain safe premises for their residents, visitors, or customers.

We applaud decision makers like those in the Habitat piece who are taking efforts to protect the innocent people they serve. No one should end up in a hospital with a mountain of medical bills because a commercial property was poorly maintained.

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