The Importance of Firearm Trusts

We are dedicated to helping you with all your Living Trust Administration. Planning for the future is important and knowing the right people will receive certain family heirlooms makes the idea of moving on afterlife less stressful. One thing our team specializes in is NFA Trusts, Class 3 Trusts and Firearms Trusts. Each of the three Trusts require the same type of legal administration and the team is capable of helping you acquire the proper legal documentation, so that passing down firearms to family members is an no-nonsense process when the time comes to pass these important heirlooms on to them.

Why Is A Firearms Trust Important?

The National Firearms Act (NFA) regulates Title II weapons regarding their possession, use and transfer. With a gun trust that is tailored to the gunowner, friends and family can act as an authorized trustee of the gun. This trust will provide instruction for handling the restricted assets and give an overview of applicable laws and regulations. Title II weapons include Machine Guns, Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns, Suppressors, Destructive Devices, and any other weapons.

Types of Gun Trusts

Types of NFA gun trusts include Levels 1, 2, and 3 as well as a GunDocx trust. The GunDocx trust offers detailed instructions to assist trustees in handling the assets while allowing for multiple users of the items of the trust. GunDocx trusts helps to avoid the probate process regarding the assets. The levels of customization and protection offered by a trust increase by level with levels 1, 2, and 3 Gun Trusts.

 A Gun Trust Will Help

A gun trust of any kind allows you to purchase any NFA item. The ability to present a gun as a gift to a friend is possible with a gun trust and sharing guns with others is also allowed with a gun trust. The best part of acquiring a gun trust is avoiding probate. Probate is the process of the court system deciding where guns and other heirlooms will be passed onto after a person dies. The probate process can be long, so it is important to decide before anything happens to you who will the receive the guns. Eliminating the probate process makes life easier for your friends and family when you pass on.