Estate Planning in Phoenix with Giancarlo Estrada

Advanced Estate Planning services are offered at the Phoenix area.

Business owners, families and individuals around the Phoenix area trust Giancarlo Estrada and the staff at his firm, to provide comprehensive Estate Planning services to protect their assets into the unforeseeable future.

Giancarlo provides advanced Estate Planning services to meet the needs of every client, from the wealthiest of families to the most modest accounts. The basics of Estate Planning involve selecting an individual to be the core decision maker, or the executor, of the estate. With proper Estate Planning, the client’s family will be saved from unnecessary expenses and processes at the probate court after the death of the owner of the estate.

Special Needs Trusts, Charitable Remainder and Lead Trusts, and Minor Education Trusts are a few examples of the advanced estate planning that Mr. Estrada offers to best cover each facet of an estate. In addition to advanced areas of estate planning, Giancarlo Estrada offers his services in the creation of Wills, Asset Protection, and Probate.

About Estrada Legal

Founded by Attorney at Law Giancarlo Estrada. Giancarlo completed his undergraduate degree from the University of California Los Angeles with a BA in Political Science. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Notre Dame School of Law as well as completing his Master of Laws in Taxation at the University of San Diego.